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Common Morality And Natural Law
The purpose of this book is to explore how Christians may find common moral grounds with fellow citi..
Daily Work as Divine Vocation - A Christian Perspective
Where is God in our day-to-day work ? One answer is: "God is with me when i am at work. We can co..
Education and Society
What is a Christian vision of public education in Singapore? A lot depends on how we define the..
God and Money
God and Money : Reflection on Economic Issues As Christian we need to know the origin of many eco..
Justice and the Common Good
"Justice" and "common good" are topics that have received much scholarly attention in the past few d..
Labour Justice & Low-Paid Migrant Workers in Singapore - A Christian Perspective
This book attempts to evaluate Singapore's approach to and treatment of low-paid temporary migrant w..
Marriage And Family
Rapid changes in social structures, values, norms and behaviour patterns are affecting long-held per..
Religious Pluralism
In a religiously pluralistic world, the Christian church is faced with challenges and responsibiliti..
Science and the Christian Faith
Many people think that science and the Christian faith are in conflict. This booklet shows that..
Seeking the Shalom of the City
Christians are eager to respond to the call to seek the Shalom of the city today. While some ministr..
Social Media and The Church
#Faith: Social Media and the Church provides a pathway for understanding our interaction with one of..
The Place of Music in The Church and in Society
Music is an unavoidable part of our humanity. Like religion, music too is a universal phenomenon bec..
Towards a Kind and Gracious Society
Every year, thousands of complaints were lodged by neighbours against one another indicating a dimin..
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