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Vol 10.1 (Apr 2007)
The Church and Community Engagement: Theological Reflection for Praxis (Dr Mark Chan); Mapping the C..
Vol 10.2 (Aug 2007)
Passing the Editorial Baton (Dr Michael Poon); Youth and the Internet (Dr Tan Tee Khoon); Youth and ..
Vol 11.3 (Dec 2008) – Hidden People
Topics in this Issue: Towards Blurring and Redrawing the Boundaries of Marginalised Communities -..
Vol 12.1 (Apr 2009) – Faith in the Public Square
Topics in this Issue: The Prophetic Role of Christians in Society: Some Reflections - Dr Vin..
Vol 12.2 (Aug 2009) – Money Matters
Topics in this Issue: God and Money - Dr Roland Chia Thoughts on the Financial Crisis -&n..
Vol 12.3 (Dec 2009) – Marriage and Society
Topics in this Issue: Marriage: A Biblical and Theological Perspective - Rev Dr Bernard Low ..
Vol 13.1 (Apr 2010) – Pop Culture
Topics in this Issue: Food for Thought: Contentment and Community in an Age of Consumerism - ..
Vol 13.2 (Aug 2010) – Pluralism
Topics in this Issue: An Interfaith Reading of the Parable of the Good Samaritian: Can John Wesle..
Vol 13.3 (Dec 2010) – Identity
Topics in this Issue: The Christian Identity: A Theological Perspective - Rev Dr Simon Chan ..
Vol 14.1 (Apr 2011) – Digital Technology
Topics in this Issue: Defining the Digital Age: Hitting the Heart of the Haunting - Dr Tan K..
Vol 14.2 (Aug 2011) – Arts & Culture
Topics in this Issue: Sounding the Depths: Towards a Theology of Art - Dr Roland Chia Art..
Vol 14.3 (Dec 2011) – Violence
Topics in this Issue: Violence in the Bible - Dr Philip E. Satterthwaite Just War Traditi..
Vol 15.1 (Apr 2012) – Sexuality
Topics in this Issue: Sex in the Bible - Rev Dr Gordon Wong Gender Identity - Mr Jos..
Vol 15.2 (Aug 2012) – Science
Topics in this Issue: Science and the Christian Faith - Dr Roland Chia Science and Techno..
Vol 15.3 (Dec 2012) – The Demonic and Culture
Topics in this Issue: Puritan Demonology in the Culture of "the Godly" Edwin E. M. Tay "B..
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