• #Faith: Social Media and The Church (#04)

#Faith: Social Media and the Church provides a pathway for understanding our interaction with one of the latest media innovations today. This monograph is not intended as a “how to” manual. It is more a “why” and “what are the implications” booklet.

It begins with a historical perspective by recounting the role the then new social media of epistles and letters has played in growing the early church from the time of the Apostles to Martin Luther.

Following that, it discusses the implications of Internet-based social media for the church, including aspects of its authority, worship, community and identity.

The monograph points out the short-term effects and longer term implications of using social media for extending the church. It also highlights the need for a social media Sabbath where one takes a break from digitally connected gadgets like the smartphone.

The monograph concludes that social media is suited to the social church, but its uses are not without challenges and tensions. The adoption of the latest media including Internet-based social media can benefit the church, and help reach the young. However, as social beings, our need for perpetual connection need not solely be slaked by a compulsive social media diet.

Available in electronic format at : https://payhip.com/TheBibleSocietyofSingapore in EPUB (429KB) file.

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#Faith: Social Media and The Church (#04)

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