• Daily Work as Divine Vocation - A Christian Perspective (#09)

Where is God in our day-to-day work ?

One answer is: "God is with me when i am at work. We can contact Him when we need to, and in various ways He helps us through the day."

Another answer is: "I do my work in a way that seeks to honour God. This affects how I act in the workplace and relate to colleagues." 

This book explores how our daily work can also reflect God's ongoing work in the world, and why our everyday occupations and activities are a vital channel through which He works to fulfill His present and future purposes. It culminates with examples, and with glimpses at the workplace in God's coming kingdom by :

1. Taking a fresh look at Biblical instructions on, and stories about work.

2. Considering the views of some leading Christian theologians who connect God's with ours.

3. Tracing important historical developments on work as vocation up to the present day.

4. Providing practical steps to help readers discern how much their work aligns with God's plans for their lives.

About the Author:

Robert Banks is an Australian biblical and practical theologian with teaching experience in universities and theological colleges in Europe, North America and Asia, including Singapore. As well as consulting with people in business, the professions and media, he has written several books on the connection between faith and work - God the Worker, Faith Goes to Work, and a Bible discussion guide on Going to Work With God. Among his other writings are Jesus and the LawPaul's Idea of Community, Re-envisioning Leadership.

Available in electronic format at : https://payhip.com/TheBibleSocietyofSingapore  in EPUB (347KB) file.

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Daily Work as Divine Vocation - A Christian Perspective (#09)

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